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Hi everyone!

For those who might get interested in getting a custom Leopard Gecko soft sculpture - now while I'm in the process of choosing a morph (colour / pattern) for my new gecko wool figurine I'm taking such commission on a reduced price (plus free shipping for US and most of european countries)

Leopard Gecko 2 by thai-binturong  Leopard Gecko by thai-binturong  Gecko by thai-binturong  Image-18-05-15-10-53 by thai-binturong

Feel free to note me here on DA or on etsy if you are interested.

Here is the listing…
If your country in not on the free shipping list - please contact me so we could make a deal :)

If ebay is more convenient - please contact me and I'll make a custom listing for you.

You may see some of the LG morphs here! That is definitely not the whole list, only some examples.
(c) all the photos taken from

normal Enigma-het-RAPTOR-2 by thai-binturong  Aptor-0 by thai-binturong Bell21 by thai-binturong   Black Hole 2 by thai-binturong  Bold-stripe-2 by thai-binturong  Creamsicle-enigma-2 by thai-binturong  Tangerine-3 by thai-binturong  Enigma Raptor Leopard Gecko by thai-binturong  Gem Snow Ta Stripe Het Raptor by thai-binturong  High-yellow-1 by thai-binturong  Tremper-Albino-Reverse-Stripe-2 by thai-binturong  Jungle 3 by thai-binturong  Mack-Snow-5 by thai-binturong  Paradox-wy-1 by thai-binturong  Radar-1 by thai-binturong  Shtct-2 by thai-binturong  Super-Snow-1 by thai-binturong  Radar-2 by thai-binturong    Tremper-Albino-4 by thai-binturong
Hi everyone!
I've just listed this little needle felted rat on my stores, and wanted to say that I'm also open for commissions for felted rats - any variation of colour, marks, ears and eyes :)

Img 8664s by thai-binturong  Img 8646s by thai-binturong  
Here is an etsy link for the ready to ship ratty…
An ebay link…?

And an etsy link for made to order rat…
Hello dear watchers! :)

I have finally created an Instagram account for my works called bearcat_studio. I'm planning to post all the works there, including some views and details I don't usually post here on DA. 
Right now it's getting filled up with pictures, so please welcome, I'd love to see you there! :happybounce: 

Have a good day! :w00t:
ImagineFX magazine, reading some nice stuff.

"Think laterally.
This is probably one of the most epiphanical pieces of advice that I've ever received, and it's certainly one thing to always keep in mind. Train yourself to always think outside the box. Try to find parallel solutions to your creative challenges. Start seeing things differently, and come up with unusual solutions and ideations. This collection of lateral thoughts will eventually enable you to build up a strong visiual identity. Be silly, be creative, be you!" 
(c) Rafael Sarmento
Hey hi everyone!

I feel kinda content today ^^
I guess as a gift for myself i have finished (and had it shot) another horsie project, you can see it here, Dapple horse
It's high time i thanked a photographer i work with for now, :iconice314: Definetely such a pleasant person to deal with!
See him and his humble model in the studio :D

A good friday and a wonderful weekend to everyone!)
Hi everyone! 
Several weeks ago some of you commented over a wax sculpture of a horse i've posted. Err i guess it's time i somehow finished that story.
The horse was finally cast in silver about a month ago. 
I had a plan to have a small photoshoot of it to get some nice pics, but!!... It occured i'm a slowpoke. Unfortunately i had no chance to take any nice (not even acceptable >_< aaargh!!pictures before it was sold, so all that i have is the poor one made by some other people (uh well, thanks that i have this one, at least). 
Here it is, i don't really think it's worth posting it into the gallery >.< 
(She had such a beautiful head (sorry i'm humble >.<) and it looks blah here >.<)) The second picture was taken occasinally before buffing and was never meant to be the only one i have! >_<

That's been a while since i posted something on DA, that's mostly because my job eats almost all my time. Now that i finished several projects i hope i can find some time for my own stuff O,O

Hello dear watchers! i need to ask you for some help :)

I am to make a horse of wax, and i'm having serious troubles with its anatomy >_<
I'd be grateful for some constructive comments on the pics below. I do know it has its frontlegs shifted forward, and i'm fixing it tomorrow.
But it has at least one more huge issue about it - wanna hear some uninfluenced ideas >_<  
Please ^__^
(btw, its head is not that big, that's my camera and my hands)

1 by thai-binturong
2 by thai-binturong
3 by thai-binturong
4 by thai-binturong
5 by thai-binturong
6 by thai-binturong

Hello everyone! So... I did it. I have a new job, and my function is sculpting O_O)) That feels so weird and great! I hope it goes on well ^^
I wonder if every "hobbyist" artist sometimes thinks of quitting "everyday" job to spend one's time and efforts on art only. My job is not that "hard" but it still eats too much so i have no time neither for elaborating on the ideas nor for actually realizing them)
Hi everyone!)
Just wanted to share that now i've got a blog here on google's blogspot
For now that's just some finished stuff i have here in my DA gallery, but i'm planning to post there some work-in-progress stuff, maybe sketches, random work shots or whatever :)

Have a nice day!
Hi guys!
Maybe somebody could recommend me some nice and functioning e-shop - for handicraft or various stuff, something like etsy or ebay, uh?)) i'd be grateful for any hint! :)
Gosh! People do such amazing job with those fur+sculpey plushies. I wonder if i have guts to try that technique O.o
Combining soft and hard isn't that new, but sewing scares me O.O
Think different.
HP left me confused. I don't understand if i like it or not. Needs a careful assessment.
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oh I'm so really impressed with this little Deathly Hallows cartoon in the middle of the film! It is just so wonderfully done :woohoo:
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not to lose, watercolour, japanese artist
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in order not to lose it =)
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Hello everyone =)
I have not so many finished works, but anyways i'll try to post some of them here :)
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